Empty Box

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"I tore open the package it was an empty box, no meaning to me just an empty box.
sender was a woman. she said she's sending me everything I never gave her before.
she said: Fill it up + send it back!, so I sent her back an empty box.  
A big mistake, sent back an empty box. half in theshadows, half in the husky moonlight, 
and half insane just a sound. 
in the night I enter a valley so dark that when I look back I can't see where I began, 
I can't see my hands, I don't even know if my eyes are open. 
In the morning I was by the sea and I swam out as far as I could swim
'til I was too tired to swim anymore and then I floated 
and tried to get by strength back. Then an empty box came floatin' by, an empty box 
and I crawled inside half in the shadows, half in the husky moonlight + half insane" ~ morphine, empty box from the record Like Swimming 1997.